No Kisses.


No Kisses. was a minimal synth two-piece formed in London during 2006.

It was started as a solo project by noise artist Robert M Fenner, who had wanted to try his hand at songwriting. The first 3-track demo "Swastika Sally" was released as a free download via MySpace, and CD-R copies were given out at music events.

In mid-2008, Chris Gilbert (formerly of White Car Pet) joined as keyboardist and co-songwriter. The second demo, "How Cold R U", was released on the web and CD-R in August 2008.

No Kisses. made their live debut on 28 September 2008 at Brave Exhibitions, playing alongside Sixteens and Eve Black/Eve White.

Their final demo, "Cold & Flu Wave" featured art by Brave Exhibitions/Modern Movement curator Jen Ellerson and was released on CD-R on 14 September 2009. The demo included free badges featuring Ellerson's promotional art for the band. Now out of print, "Cold & Flu Wave" is available as a free download at No Kisses' Bandcamp page.

The group continued to perform in London until disbanding in late 2009. Fenner now performs as Nurvuss and in the group Team Pi$$, Gilbert now performs as Mild Peril.


  • Swastika Sally (2006. CD-R. Self-release)
  • How Cold (2008. Digital Download. Self-release)
  • Cold and Flu Wave (2009. CD-R. Self-release)

Compilation Appearances

  • "How Cold R U" on Brave Exhibitions Compilation Vol. 1 (2012. CD. London: Animals as Automata)


No Kisses. Bandcamp

Mild Peril Bandcamp


Nemesis To Go: Live: Sixteens, 28 September 2008

No Kisses in 2008: Fenner, left, with Gilbert, right.

No Kisses in 2008: Fenner, left, with Gilbert, right.