#14 Denise Ward - When you've got a problem, drop a Wind Fish on it.


#14 Denise Ward

When you've got a problem, drop a Wind Fish on it.

Denise Ward (Morning Green Tea & Incorrect Vermintide) joins us this week to discuss falling in love with video games through a neighbour's Sega Saturn; the aesthetics of Nights intro Dreams, in particular. After playing cult PS1 JRPG Legend of Legaia, she began to foster relationships with individual games' lore, leading her to look at the medium in a new light, while also becoming frustrated with the hegemonic interests of the industry.

Also, we discuss being a female-presenting nonbinary person online, falling in love with games without necessarily playing them, preteen fascinations with fatalities, incels, fragile masculinity, topiary simulators, finding friends through LAN parties, being a decent person, tfw you get the skull, and Robert gets accused of being a Hanzo Main.

Follow Denise on Twitter @DrFesty and Instagram @DrFesty. Be sure to check in to @GothTeamEpic's debut Twitch stream of Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor on Saturday 22nd September, 8pm BST / 3pm EST / 12pm PST !!

Intro Music "Summer Vacation in Scanline" by Nurvuss
Intermission "Dreams of Love & Literature" by Dan Salvato (from Doki Doki Literature Club)
Outro Music "トワイライトでHEART-BEAT" by パフェ♥カフェparfait♥cafe