#73 Oh my! You're a shy queen. Not I! I'm a sky queen

Episode #73

Oh my! You're a shy queen. Not I! I'm a sky queen

It’s the start of MisanthroPlay Season 5(!!) and we attended the Sunless Skies launch event at Failbetter Games’ South London office. We talk a little bit about that experience, and a whole lot about the first 10 hours of Sunless Skies, an unconventional and fiercely literary RPG that understands the potential of steampunk without stumbling down the usual pro-imperialist pratfalls.

Also, We Talk about the latest Final Fantasy XIV announcements, Subnautica, Resident Evil 2, and Ace Combat 7.

Shortly after recording this podcast, it was announced that Spatsz of the French cold wave duo KaS Product had passed away. The intermission music in this week’s episode is KaS Product’s “Loony Bin” in tribute.

#65 Top o' the Table to Ya


Robert and Alva are BACK, to talk about the symbiotic relationship between video games and tabletop games. We talk Steve Jackson Games, Operation Sundevil, the weird systems of Palladium's Robotech RPG, Baten Kaitos, Fallout's origins as a GURPS adaptation, and how apps are becoming more and more ubiquitous as gamemaster stand-ins.

We Play: Cultist Simulator, Mad Max, and Battletech.