Valentine's Special - Doki Doki Literature Club (feat. Samer Farag)


Surprise! Cocoa Controller's Samer Farag joins Robert for an in-depth and spoiler-filled discussion of Doki Doki Literature Club, a romance visual novel about Japanese high school girls, poetry, and definitely nothing else. It's best that you play it before listening, and you definitely should, as it's both free and short.

Happy Valentimes, MisanthroPals!

Episode #19 A Quarter Century of Super Nintendo


MisanthroPlay celebrates 25 Years of Super Nintendo, looking at its hardware, the weird and wonderful FX Chip, and our essential games, as we also relate our own fond memories of this influential machine. Would you believe it revitalized the visual novel genre in Japan? Listen and find out more.

In What Have You Been Playing, we're both sneakin' around in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Alvin watches Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive.

Save Point - Kara no Shōjo

In this week's Save Point, Robert talks about Innocent Grey's adult visual novel Kara no Shōjo. Set in post-war Tokyo, Kara no Shōjo follows private detective Tokisaka Reiji as tries to track down a serial killer responsible for the deaths of several high school girls. It's a problematic work, but a fascinating one nonetheless.

Advance warning: this episode describes scenes of sexual violence. Listener discretion advised.