Episode #29 A Kou Shibusawa Podcast

Episode #27 Ninja Cucks


Ninjas! They're ubiquitous, both in video games and everyday life. Robert and Alvin take to the Shadow of Darkness and expose the link between Shinobi and Wham!

In We Play: It's all about Dishonored 2 and Watch Dogs 2, baby. With a little bit of Dishonored 1, for good measure.


  • Stephen K Hayes

  • Eric von Lussbader

  • Enter the Ninja

  • Sho Kasugi

  • Game Center CX: Ninja Gaiden

  • Hardcore Gaming 101: Revenge of Shinobi (Copyright Infringement)

  • Hardcore Gaming 101: Ninja 5-0

  • Shinobi: Heart Under Blade

  • Upcoming Shinobi movie?

  • Retsupurae: Shinobi Legions

  • Victor Antenov