#54 Pock Rockin' Beats


It's our annual Halloween Haunt, so MisanthroPlay are looking at the ghostly cute `em up Kiki Kaikai, better known in the West as Pocky & Rocky. We look the series' origins as a Taito arcade shooter, before Natsume licensed the characters to create two gorgeous, if not frustrating SNES romps. We also learn you don't need to call Becky to have a good time.

In this distinctly not horror-themed We Play, Alva plays Middle Earth: Shadow of War before we both dig into its micro-transaction tomfoolery and racism, Robert tries not to buy The Evil Within 2 and instead enjoys Ys 8.

Episode #23 Video Game Nasties

Episode #22 Survival Horror History Lesson


Seasons' Greetings, Misanthro-Playboys & Playgirls! Seeing as it's October, we take a look back at Survival Horror. We assess what defines "Survival Horror", before moving on to pivotal titles and how they developed or changed the genre, from Sweet Home and Resident Evil all the way up to The Last Of Us, and we ask if poor controls are essential to an effective horror experience. We even get into some slightly obscure territory, so Laplace no Ma and Hellnight fans, we gotcha covered.