Episode #18 Wonder Boy in Licensee Land


If he's a good boy, it's a Wonder! This week, MisanthroPlay covers the game series that went on to inspire the Michael Chabon novel: Wonder Boy. Starting as a Mario derivative before developer Westone became obsessed with Wizardry, Wonder Boy's lifespan may have been short at just under a decade, but it's undeniable that the series has produced some of the best exploratory platform adventures long before anybody had ever uttered the phrase MetroidVania. We finish up by looking to the future, where not one but two officially licensed Wonder Boy titles are due out before the end of 2016.

And if you're wondering if we get into that whole Adventure Island business, you bet we do, along with Bikkuriman, Dynastic Hero, Turma de Monica and all the greats. Even you, Saiyuki World! Take a bow.

In What Have You Been Playing, Alvin hacks and slashes through Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and decides to stay in Inside, while Robert is underwhelmed by Zero Time DIlemma, but surprised and impressed with Uncharted 4. Also, an investigative report: is Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Digimon Cyber Sleuth the exact same game? All this, and less.

Bikkuriman's Head Rococo and Laser Time's Chris Antista: Separated at Birth?