#68 Magical Golden Sound Shower


Robert and Alva are back to share some of their favourite video game music with each other, and with you.

Tracks featured:

Hustlers’ Concept - “Loin” (from Black/Matrix)
Atsunori Namba - “Samurai Gunman ~ Shin Za Zaan” (from Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman)
Masashi Hamauzu - “Aussenwelt” (from SaGa Frontier II)
Rob Hubbard - “Loading” (from Sanxion)
Masafumi Takada - “Where Angels Play” (from Killer7)
Zuntata - “Daddy Mulk” (from The Ninja Warriors)
Hidehito Aoki - “City 1 ~ School Revisited” (from Revelations: Persona)
John Foxx - “Into the Wonderful” (from Gods)
Mieko Ishikawa - “Trading Village of Redmont” (from Ys III: Wanderers from Ys)
Kenichiro Fukui - “Badlands” (from Einhänder)
Masashi Hamauzu - “DG - ‘Sadness’” (from Unlimited Saga)
Jake Kaufman - “Caught Red Handed” (from Mighty Switch Force)
Toshiko Tasaki - “Kuzunoha Detective Agency” (from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner)

#65 Top o' the Table to Ya


Robert and Alva are BACK, to talk about the symbiotic relationship between video games and tabletop games. We talk Steve Jackson Games, Operation Sundevil, the weird systems of Palladium's Robotech RPG, Baten Kaitos, Fallout's origins as a GURPS adaptation, and how apps are becoming more and more ubiquitous as gamemaster stand-ins.

We Play: Cultist Simulator, Mad Max, and Battletech.

Valentine's Special - Doki Doki Literature Club (feat. Samer Farag)


Surprise! Cocoa Controller's Samer Farag joins Robert for an in-depth and spoiler-filled discussion of Doki Doki Literature Club, a romance visual novel about Japanese high school girls, poetry, and definitely nothing else. It's best that you play it before listening, and you definitely should, as it's both free and short.

Happy Valentimes, MisanthroPals!

#59 Transistor (Supergiant Deep Look Ep. 2)


Supergiant Season carries on with 2014's Transistor, a hybrid of turn-based strategy and real-time combat wrapped around an existential cyberpunk mystery. We walk through the game before sharing our interpretations of the story. It's a thoughtful and ponderous title brimming with style and substance, and one we're thrilled to dig into.

#58 Bastion (Supergiant Deep Look ep 1)


Somehow, Robert has never played a Supergiant game. Alva, in her infinite wisdom, suggested that MisanthroPlay spend the next 6 weeks looking at all three of their games. This week, we start at the very beginning with Bastion (2011), the Soul Blazer-meets-Spaghetti Western action RPG with the dynamic narrator. We talk about the mechanics, the plot, and the message at its core.

In We Play, we play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and have complicated (but ultimately positive) feelings about. Also, Robert loses his Vita and gets it back through a Faustian deal.

Content Warning: It's flu season here in London, so regrettably we're pretty sniffly this week. We have fired each other from the podcast to make up for this grievous mistake. Please stay tuned for