#58 Bastion (Supergiant Deep Look ep 1)


Somehow, Robert has never played a Supergiant game. Alva, in her infinite wisdom, suggested that MisanthroPlay spend the next 6 weeks looking at all three of their games. This week, we start at the very beginning with Bastion (2011), the Soul Blazer-meets-Spaghetti Western action RPG with the dynamic narrator. We talk about the mechanics, the plot, and the message at its core.

In We Play, we play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and have complicated (but ultimately positive) feelings about. Also, Robert loses his Vita and gets it back through a Faustian deal.

Content Warning: It's flu season here in London, so regrettably we're pretty sniffly this week. We have fired each other from the podcast to make up for this grievous mistake. Please stay tuned for