Episode #15 Pinball Gizzards

It's retro in a big way this week, as we get up on the mic to talk about ball play. That's right, it's a frank discussion of pinball and a range of video games that aimed to emulate that clinky clanky experience. Sometimes admirable (Alien Crush), sometimes baffling (Odama), but always worth a dime of your time.

In What Have You Been Playing, Robert ditches lacklustre myster visual novel Magic Eyes in favor of absurd public-domain literary love adventure Ozmafia!!, while Alvin dives back into The Witcher 3, but not before dropping the bombshell that he's now the proud owner of an HTC Vive! That means there's talk of House of the Dying Sun and Space Pirate Trainer, among other things.  Oh, and everybody loves Vanquish.