Episode #11 Dork Souls III

Is Dark Souls III a metaphor for From's sense of obligation to their publisher and their fans? We don't know, we're only ten hours in! But we're big fans so far. The latest entry in the Soulsbourne Saga is the most polished to date, and possibly the most fun to play. Listen to us gush about its glory, and ruminate on the future of the series. Light spoilers beware, so skip to the 34 minute mark if you want to go in to Dark Souls III fresh.

In What Have You Been Playing, Robert lets Steins;Gate sing him to sleep while Alvin struggles to control his arms in ADR1FT. We also look ahead to Severed, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada and Shin Megami Tensei IV APOCALYPSE.

Sorry in advance about the scratchiness on this one, folks. We had a stubble mishap!