#43 In Between Days


This week's episode is short n sweet, just like us! Robert and Alva let their hair down to gab over Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, Tumbleseed, Flinthook, Prey and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd. We couldn't get around to Full Throttle Remastered, but we still had a LucasArts tangent.

Correction: I (Robert) accidentally attributed Lumo to Tribute Games, but it was actually developed by Triple Eh? Sorry, Triple Eh?!

New Podcast Announcement - The Background Lounge #01 - Jazz Night

What do you know, we've started a game music podcast. The Background Lounge is open, and it's jazz on the menu tonight. Robert Fenner hand-picks his favorite tracks from a variety of games and arranged albums.

You can hear the first episode here at MisanthroPlay, but future episodes can be found at misanthropop.com/the-background-lounge/


00:00 - 00:40 Toshiko Tasaki, Shoji Meguro, Tsukasa Masuko - Paradigm Bank (Soul Hackers)
00:50 - 04:20 Daichi "Ace" Hasemi - Violet Cocktail (Tantei Jinguuji Saburo ~Kind of Blue~)
05:15 - 09:17 Masafumi Takada - White Sugar (Killer7)
09:53 - 14:05 MANYO - Criminal Investigation (Kara no Shoujo: The Second Chapter)
14:43 - 19:36 Yoko Kanno - Catalina (Uncharted Waters 2, from KOEI Game Music Works: Kanno Yoko Collections)
20:05 - 24:08 Shusei Murai - Reminiscence (Genso Suikoden II, from Genso Suikoden - Piano Collection - ~Avertunerio Anfes Lance Mao~) 
24:38 - 25:58 Shoji Meguro - Roux (Catherine) 
26:39 - 28:11 Shoji Meguro feat. Lyn - Wake Up Get Up Get Out There (Persona 5) 
28:45 - 34:29 The Metamorphosis Jazz Band - Godot ~The Fragrance of Dark Coffee~ (Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, from Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul)
34:55 - 36:50 Kazumi Totaka - KK Jazz Aircheck (Animal Crossing)

#42 The Depressing, Mixed-Up Case Files of Yoko Taro (featuring Heidi Kemps)

#41 The Legacy of Archon


Alva takes Robert down the rabbit hole of Archon, Free Fall Associates' and Electronic Arts' mashup of chess and arcade dueling. We look at its influence on later titles such as Cyber Empires, The Unholy War, and Wrath Unleashed, as well as wonder if Archon inspired Godzilla: Master of Monsters or Vasteel.

We Play: Hundreds of hours of Persona 5 between us.

#40 MisanthroPlay's Top Ten RPGs


MisanthroPlay has rolled forty episodes deep, so Alva and Robert count down their individual Top Ten RPGs. We've got your Final Fantasies, your Personas, your obscure Telenet RPGs...We won't spoil the whole list here, so dive right in and listen to all twenty!

Write in with your own favorites at our contact page, and maybe we'll do a mailbag follow-up!