#49 Space Invaders are Smoking Grass


MisanthroPlay goes old-old-skool in a look at the history of Space Invaders, from its inception and imitators, to its numerous artistic revivals in honour of the game's 30th anniversary in 2008. We even talk about Cosmo Gang, just because we can.

We Play: Polybius, My Father's Long, Long Legs, Tourist (Owlcave), Vostok Inc., and Dandy Dungeon.

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#48 Edith Becomes Her


It's another Deep Dive episode as Alva and Robert sift through What Remains of Edith Finch, Giant Sparrow's quirky narrative adventure about a young woman returning home to delve into her family's tragic history. This episode is heavy on spoilers, so you've been warned.

In We Play, Alva stays fresh in Splatoon 2, while Robert slices his way to joy in Severed. We also touch on the first few hours of Pyre and Root Double.

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Mail Call: Episode 50 Approaches


Mail Call!

We can hardly believe it, but we're gearing up to record our 50th (COUNT IT FIFTIETH) episode. And we want to hear from you! Thoughts, anecdotes, questions, suggestions, topic/game journal requests, the lot!

Leave a comment below, or send them over to www.misanthropop.com/contact for a chance to be read on this milestone episode. We've already received a few great letters, but we're always welcoming more. Keep `em coming.

#47 In Exile


Robert introduces Alva to one of his personal favorites: Exile, the existentalist Hashishin action RPG from the mavens at Nippon Telenet, and a criminally unrecognized one at that. Grab your hash, your LSD, and your copy of the Illuminatus!, and get ready for a crisis-of-faith road trip across time and space with Sadler the Sadboi. It's gonna be a bumpy ride that's holy-to-the-MAX.

...and soon we will realize our Cosmic Fantasy.

...and soon we will realize our Cosmic Fantasy.