All Good Things....


Starting in early 2018, you may have noticed that MisanthroPlay Podcast started to break from its bi-weekly schedule, becoming less and less frequent until episodes stopped altogether in May 2019. Scheduling conflicts and our own projects have made it increasingly difficult for us to get together regularly, so Alva and I made the mutual decision to officially put a cap on the show.

This was an incredibly difficult decision for us both to make, as we’re very proud of what we managed to achieve over the course of the past four years. I’m afraid there won’t be one last hurrah episode, but we would like to curate a handful of our favourites.

#10 A Procedurally Generated Podcast (Apr 15, 2016) - On procedural generation and the construction of the roguelike

#18 Wonder Boy in Licensee Land (Aug 19, 2016) - The woolly history of Wonder Boy, Adventure Island, and all its licensed incarnations

#42 The Depressing, Mixed Up Case Files of Yoko Taro feat. Heidi Kemps (May 11, 2017) - Heidi Kemps of joins us to look at Yoko Taro’s eccentric career in the immediate wake of Nier Automata’s release.

#53 Compile Taster (October 16, 2017) - Why Aleste is So Damn Good

#55 Jeremy Blaustein on the Art of Localization (Nov 14,2017) - Jeremy Blaustein (Snatcher, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania SOTN, Silent Hill 2) gives us a peek behind the curtain on his 25+ year career in games localization.

#66 Dysphoria Combo Pak (October 26, 2018) - Gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, and three indie games that deftly tackle these subjects.

So yeah, that’s us, I guess. I’m not particularly great about endings or goodbyes, but I will say that working together with Alva has been a joy and I feel that, in our brief time working together, we managed to put out some very exciting games critique that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Alva’s got some performance art in the pipeline, and although it’s not ready to be revealed, follow her at @vinomatic for updates. You know where to find me, I’m @nurvuss as always, and you can subscribe to the (sporadic) podcast Gamer Words if you like. I’ve got a few more things I’m working at on the moment, and hope to make an official announcement soon.

See you, space gameboys.


#76 Zanking Off at My Job


Episode #76

Zanking Off at My Job

We've got a thing for Spring. Alva and Robert discuss quality(?) TV programmes Gundam Unicorn, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, and Hannibal, before moving on to what games they've been playing (or not playing).

Games discussed: Zanki Zero, Katana Zero, Heaven's Vault, Mortal Kombat 11, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and AI: The Somnium Files.

#74 Capitalism Sucks Part 396 of ???


#74 Capitalism Sucks

An ongoing case study

Alva and Robert look at video game marketing from the 80s to the 00s in America and the UK, and ruminate on Sonic the Hedgehog pissplay and Rayman’s gargantuan dong. We also talk about how to host your AMA on a message board for racist paedophiles, and Ape Out’s troubling equation of jazz with primal savagery.

We Play: Ape Out, La Mulana.

#73 Oh my! You're a shy queen. Not I! I'm a sky queen

Episode #73

Oh my! You're a shy queen. Not I! I'm a sky queen

It’s the start of MisanthroPlay Season 5(!!) and we attended the Sunless Skies launch event at Failbetter Games’ South London office. We talk a little bit about that experience, and a whole lot about the first 10 hours of Sunless Skies, an unconventional and fiercely literary RPG that understands the potential of steampunk without stumbling down the usual pro-imperialist pratfalls.

Also, We Talk about the latest Final Fantasy XIV announcements, Subnautica, Resident Evil 2, and Ace Combat 7.

Shortly after recording this podcast, it was announced that Spatsz of the French cold wave duo KaS Product had passed away. The intermission music in this week’s episode is KaS Product’s “Loony Bin” in tribute.