#57 Interview with Rani Baker


We talked about the striking games of witchy Portland-based developer Rani Baker back in Episode #51, so we thought it was about time to just have her on the show! Rani Baker joins Alva and Robert to discuss her games, her creative process, her inspirations, and haunted technology.

You can find Rani's work at Itch.io, GameJolt, Bandcamp, and Cracked, among other places. Be sure to check out her upcoming game DEATH SWORD, which you can currently help to crowdfund, and please consider supporting her on Patreon.

Save Point #05 The Idiot's Guide to Getting Started in Eorzea

Astral Era banner by Stephanie Sybydlo

Astral Era banner by Stephanie Sybydlo

Robert invites Derek Heemsbergen of the Astral Era podcast and RPGFan to MisanthroPlay for a brief discussion of their individual histories with MMORPGs, before Robert prods Derek to explain what makes Final Fantasy XIV so special, as well as tips for newcomers on how to get to grips with its lush world.

Be sure to follow Derek on Twitter, listen to his podcasts Astral Era and Random Encounter, and check out his OpenCritic.

#56 Exploitation, Life Hacks, Nice Hats and Cats


Seeing as our last episode was late, we've decided to spoil you with another episode this week. Robert and Alva catch up on what they've been playing this week, starting with a shout-out to Jordan Reyne's 600,000 word interactive novel Choice of the Cat, before discussing how to navigate Chaos;Child's depiction of women through a post-Weinstein lens. We also have a frank discussion on whether Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus's "No More Nazis" advertising campaign is cynical, uplifting, or both; appreciate Natsume's fine localization work on Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals; have unmitigated joy in Super Mario Odyssey; and we even do some investigation into the heart of the RuneScape cartel.

#55 Jeremy Blaustein on the Art of Localization


Robert and Alva sit down with the multi-talented Jeremy Blaustein (Metal Gear Solid, Snatcher, Silent Hill 2, Shadow Hearts Covenant) to discuss his twenty-five year career in the Japanese games industry. We discuss the ups, the downs, the role of the translator as creator, the dilemma of translating Trump, and kiboshed Snatcher remakes and sequels.

Check out Jeremy's localization company at Babydragon.jp.


#54 Pock Rockin' Beats


It's our annual Halloween Haunt, so MisanthroPlay are looking at the ghostly cute `em up Kiki Kaikai, better known in the West as Pocky & Rocky. We look the series' origins as a Taito arcade shooter, before Natsume licensed the characters to create two gorgeous, if not frustrating SNES romps. We also learn you don't need to call Becky to have a good time.

In this distinctly not horror-themed We Play, Alva plays Middle Earth: Shadow of War before we both dig into its micro-transaction tomfoolery and racism, Robert tries not to buy The Evil Within 2 and instead enjoys Ys 8.