MisanthroPlay Episode #55 Jeremy Blaustein on the Art of Localization


Robert and Alva sit down with the multi-talented Jeremy Blaustein (Metal Gear Solid, Snatcher, Silent Hill 2, Shadow Hearts Covenant) to discuss his twenty-five year career in the Japanese games industry. We discuss the ups, the downs, the role of the translator as creator, the dilemma of translating Trump, and kiboshed Snatcher remakes and sequels.

Listen to the episode here.

Check out Jeremy's localization company at Babydragon.jp.

MisanthroPlay Episode #3: MEGA Gear Solid V Megacast.

We're back and we've gone all out! In a first for MisanthroPlay, Robert Fenner and Alvin Chua tackle a brand new game in the form of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Marking the end of Hideo Kojima's run on the 28-year-old Tactical Espionage Action series, Fenner and Chua sit down for two-and-a-half hours to give The Phantom Pain the type of lengthy overwrought discussion that would make its director proud.  Does it cap off the series satisfactorily? Does Miller make the world's greatest burger? Is Behind the Drapery the best Clan of Xymox song that never was (Spoilers: yes)?

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