MisanthroPlay Episode #33 Whip in your Valis


Some kids grew up with Castlevania. Other kids had Valis. Robert explains to Alvin why he's so maladjusted in this tribute to Nippon Telenet's short-lived series of Beautiful Fighting Girls. 

In We Play, Alvin coaxes the catdogbird that is Trico of The Last Guardian, while Robert drunkenly staggers through Steins;Gate 0, before treating himself to Shantae: Half Genie Hero and Stardew Valley.

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MisanthroPlay Episode #12 Castlemania!


We've resurrected, and just in time to talk about Konami's classic series Castlevania! Spanning three decades of Dracula-whippin', deliberate-jumpin', Medusa-hatin' horror action, Robert and Alvin discuss their early experiences with the Game Boy spin-offs before chewing over key points in the series. We start with classics Castlevania 1-3 and the drab-yet-jazzy Super Castlevania 4, before moving on to fan favorites Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night, finishing with a brief look at the handheld "Igavania" titles and the misguided Lords of Shadow reboot.

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