October Terror Story #02 BASEMENT

by Robert Fenner


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Caelyn Sandel's BASEMENT is a short graphical adventure set in--you guessed it--a spooky old basement. There's a heavy door at the top of the stairs that you'd like to get on the other side of, but unfortunately it happens to be locked and you're without a key, so you've no recourse other than to explore these dank environs to see what you can do to get out of this mess.

This description makes BASEMENT sound like a relatively straight-laced take on a common childhood fear, but it soon becomes apparent that there's entirely something else happening within this subterranean world. You see, you're not just trying to get back upstairs into a welcoming home--PARADISE is rumored to lie beyond that heavy locked door. What exactly that entails remains unclear, but you're not alone in the basement. A whole host of bizarre characters have made their home in the corners of the cellar; some malevolent, some friendly, others indifferent, but none of them human.

My only real gripe with the title is that you occasionally find yourself pursued by stalker that ends you upon contact. You get Hunt the Wumpus-esque text clues to hint at how near or far it is from you, but if there's any way to divine an escape route aside from trial and error, I haven't found one. However, BASEMENT can be finished in 20 minutes, so once you figure out the steps you need to take to ensure your egress, lost progress becomes a minor inconvenience. I was compelled enough to see it through to the end, but saying much more would do it a disservice. See BASEMENT for yourself via the Itch link above.


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