MisanthroPlay Episodes #45-47

Hey Boo; it's time to catch up with MisanthroPlay!

#47 In Exile (20 July 2017)
Sadler&Rumi&Kindi&Fakhyle&Yuug. It's Exile / XZR II, from Nippon Telenet.

#46 Damn, Dracula Has a Point (14 July 2017)
We discuss Netflix's Castlevania.
We Play: WipEout Omega Collection, Hot Tin Roof: The Cat Wore a Fedora, Dishonored 2.

#45 E3 Summer Vacation (6 July 2017)
Robert went to E3!
We Play: Dead Cells, River City: Knights of Justice, ARMS.

We'll be back this Friday for more action.