October Terror Story #08 Hieronytris

by Robert Fenner


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15th century Dutch painter Hieronymous Bosch was a living anomaly. His busy, surreal, and nightmarish tableaux of joy, suffering, religion, and the afterlife feel completely out of time--timeless, even--and his indelible mark can still frequently be seen guiding the hand of avant-garde creators to this day.

Just in time for Halloween, Pedro Paiva and Fabio Manna  have paid tribute to Bosch's most infamous work, The Garden of Earthy Delights with Hieronytris, a Tetris parody in which the Prince of Hell devours the damned, whose nude bodies fall towards the bottom of the screen in various agonized poses. The rules of Hieronytris may be the same as Alexey Pajitnov's classic puzzler, but it's much more difficult in practice due to the unpredictable shapes these bodies take on. A decidedly new and ghoulish twist on an old favorite. From Gehenna With Fun!