October Terror Story #07 The world to reverse.

by Robert Fenner


The world to reverse.
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Translated by my buddy satsu, The world to reverse. is a duo of micro visual novels by the doujin circle 17. The first, Hallucinate, takes place in a hospital bed where the injured protagonist is repeatedly visited by a girl in white, hatred burning in her eyes. Initially bleak, who she is and what she wants will only be discovered by the adventurous.


The second work, Flanca, is a period piece set in Europe during an ambiguous time. Our protagonist is a young boy who meets another boy behind an opera house, and is invited to watch the boy perform in a girl's role. You can accept or refuse his offer, and every point of your brief adventure branches off in one of two directions...usually leading to unpleasant ends.

The world to reverse. is such a brief experience, and such a powerful, uncompromising one at that, that I am loathe to say more about it. Please see it for yourself; both stories can be finished within an hour.