Writing Round-Up, August 2016

by Robert Fenner

It's safe to say that, outside of your bi-weekly MisanthroPlay episodes, I've been pretty lousy about keeping MisanthroPop subscribers updated with what I've been up to over the past few months. But that's all set to change, starting now! Below you can find the latest writing I've done from around the web.

Hardcore Gaming 101: Paladin's Quest / Lennus

  • Remember this B-Tier RPG from Copya Systems and Enix USA? The one with the weird colors and character designs not unlike a Moebius comic? Mechanically it was a snooze-fest, but its world deserves a closer look. So that's just what I gave it, along with its Japan-only sequel.

RPGFan: Oxenfree Review

  • Night School Studios sent me a review code for the PS4 Director's Cut of their inaugural character-driven horror adventure, and I fell in love with it. You'll see why in my review, but fans of well-written narrative simply must play this game.

RPGFan: The Silver Case Preview

  • I love old-school Suda 51 -- Y'know, back when his games were messes of subversive postmodernism, and before he stepped away from the director's chair to slap his name on a bunch of derivative Robert Rodriguez rip-offs -- so I'm hyped for this autumn's release of The Silver Case. That said, its Steam demo hasn't set my world alight. Read and find out why not.

RPGFan: Magical Eyes: Red is For Anguish Review

  • Between its slipshod writing and its male Mary Sue protagonist and his doe-eyed obsessive girlfriend, Magical Eyes is a fart of a doujin visual novel. Ya failed the Bechdel Test harder than most, buddy.