MisanthroPlay Episode #36 Even in a Podcast, F-O-E!

We can hardly believe this, but Etrian Odyssey is a decade old, guys. We take stock of Atlus' Sim Cartographer series from its humble beginnings and discover just how much Etrian Odyssey revitalised the dungeon crawler genre.

In We Play, Alvin shows off Dandy Dungeon, the latest mobile game from insane genius Yoshiro Kimura, before Nioh sets his Samurai Soul ablaze and Gravity Rush 2 puts him in a daze. Robert is pleasantly surprised by Tales of Berseria, and plays Yakuza 5 out of penniless longing for Yakuza 0.

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MisanthroPlay Episode #35 Interview with Jordan Reyne / Resident Evil VII Impressions

MisanthroPlay sits down for an interview with industrial folk musician Jordan Reyne, vocalist of Resident Evil VII's memorable theme "Go Tell Aunt Rhody". Jordan talks to us about her creative process, her stage performance at the Resident Evil VII Launch Event in Tokyo, throwing up horns with the head of Capcom, and her own game which is currently in the works.

Following the interview, We Play a whole bunch of Resident Evil VII. And guess what? It's really good.

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MisanthroPlay #34 Limbo / Inside

Robert and Alvin talk about Playdead's pair of atmospheric and lethal platformers in this double-bill episode of MisanthroPlay. Limbo sees a young boy navigate a hostile world in silhouette, while Inside reuses Limbo's initial setup to raise some thought-provoking questions on the nature of free will.

Are we individuals, or are we just a bunch of rubes living in Adam Curtis' Century of the Self? Who can say? Listen and find out.

MisanthroPlay Episode #33 Whip in your Valis


Some kids grew up with Castlevania. Other kids had Valis. Robert explains to Alvin why he's so maladjusted in this tribute to Nippon Telenet's short-lived series of Beautiful Fighting Girls. 

In We Play, Alvin coaxes the catdogbird that is Trico of The Last Guardian, while Robert drunkenly staggers through Steins;Gate 0, before treating himself to Shantae: Half Genie Hero and Stardew Valley.

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